Borobudur from a distance

Borobudur is one of the icons of Central Java. Of course everybody want to capture it. But I want to try to capture it in a different way. I want to capture Borobudur Temple from a distance over the hills that surround the Borobudur Temple. One of famous top hill is Thuk Stumbu. Thuk Stumbu is a top hill area and a favorite spot for photographer for watching the beauty of the sunrise, landscapes and stupa Borobudur from above.

Actually, there many of photographers has captured this frame from that location but I have not yet. It takes 10 minutes to achieve Thuk Stumbu from Borobudur Temple with car to starting point of climbing plus 10 minutes by foot to reach the top of the hill. You can ask the local people to guide you there. Almost of them know the spot exactly.

A month ago, I arrange my journey to there. First, I contacted a local people (Mr. Chotib) who always guide some photographer to the spot. But when I called him for helping to reach the spot, he offered another spot which just founded several days ago. He said the point as Kamal village. From his information this spot is higher and closer than Thuk Stumbu, the legendary one. According to him, there are only a few photographers has known and taken a picture from the spot before. So I thinks it is challenge and definitely only a few photographers having this pictures. If I am lucky, I will get the good and rare pictures.


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