Many beaches at Gunung Kidul

We continue our next journey, of course with my girlfriend Lenny, to beach. She likes beach very much. For me, I can practice my photograph with slow speed techniques using lens filter for get the wave like foams. We choose the beaches along South Line Coast at Gunung Kidul District.

Gunung Kidul District, is a district in the Province of Yogyakarta. Some articles said that Gunung Kidul District has almost 46 beachs along 70 km in the Southern Coast Line. Can you imagine that? Most of the regions consist of karst hills and mountains.

We can get there (Jogja – Wonosari) easily. The road is incline and zigzag so you have to be careful when driving a car. The distance Yogyakarta – Wonosari, capital city of Gunung Kidul district, is approximately 45 km. Passing The Alun-Alun Kota, you can turn left towards the beach area. Do not be afraid! You can read the traffic direction for ensure the your destination.

When you arrive at the main gate, you have to pay some retributions. The retributions are IDR 5000 for a car and IDR 1000 for one person. Passing the main gate, you will see a direction which guide you to your destinations along South Coast Beach Line. You can begin your journey with Baron Beach, Kukup Beach, Beach along, Drini Beach, Beach Sundak Krakal Beach, Beach Siung, and more. Usually in each of these beaches, you will be charge with some retribution for parking area.

The waves on the south coast are large and dangerous. Therefore you should not swim at the beach.

2 thoughts on “Many beaches at Gunung Kidul

  • Pantai mbaron asik ya Fred. Tempat sungai bermuara ke laut. Asam di gunung bertemu garam di laut

    Akhirnya, bagai sungai yang mendamba samudera, kutahu pasti ke mana kukan bermuara semoga ada waktu…

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