Davina’s First Bike – FirstBIKE Cross Red

I love this bike, Davina loves it too..

If you notice it, how cool they look. According to several web sites this is the best balance bike in the market at this moment. It made of high-tech materials and have safety features. Most balance bike companies offer little to none options of adjusting, or modifying the bike. They have fixed seat post so the height can not adjust, or some of them has foam tires. But FirstBIKE comes with air tires ideal for off-road conditions with mostly grass, gravel, or loose dirt surfaces. The rider is able to customize the bike according to her, specifications and riding experience. This bike allow riders as young as 22 months, and as old as 5 years old, to use the bike.

Davina in action_1

I pick features of superb quality from several websites:

  • Extremely lightweight! It’s only 3.8 kg means she can carry it herself.
  • Completely recessed nuts and bolts so there are no protrusions anywhere on the bike, except you use lower kit.
  • Flexible and durable frame for better shock absorbency.
  • U shape saddle and made of high quality rubber, which is ergonomic and prevent front slipping.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Steering limiter to prevent over turning for newbie.

I hope Davina learn to use this balance bike quickly, and as soon as possible she changes to real two wheels bike.

Davina in action_2

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