My First Full Marathon

Finally, I got my first marathon debut and this happened in BII Maybank Bali Marathon 2015 (BMBM). Actually, I have no plans to follow the event but offering from a member of telkom runners bother me. Thank you to Dwi Widya Sakti for giving his BIB to me, so I can participate this race. I would also like to thank my college, Telkom Runners Group, for the accommodation while in Bali. You are my best friends…

I think you should prepare yourself with proper training about 16-20 weeks to follow the full marathon. And as a substitute player, I did not prepare well for that. My personal record for distance is 30 km and it was so long ago. My last race was Halo Fit Run 2015, which means that only half marathon course.

The thing I was afraid of come true. At the 25th kilometer I have leg cramps and I had to stop for sometime. I tried to relieve the pain with painkiller spray and balm. Thanks God, I can continued the race. So for this race I can said that there is only 25 km of running plus 17 kilometers of suffering. Totally, I have 2-3 times leg cramps so the best thing I could do is small running and sometimes walking to complete the rest of the race…

I think the main enemy is yourself, from the starting line to the finish. There was some thoughts during the race, when my calf muscles already so fatigue and pain, for stopping the race and give up. But the show must go on, focus..focus..focus.. and I can do this.

Pain is temporary, but defeating yourselves is a lifetime victory.






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